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Incredible Blu Fin Tuna

An incredible fish was caught in July from our Fin-Nor Pro Staff Diego Bedetti: a fantastic Blu Fin tuna of 118 kg. It was was caught in the central part of the Adriatic Sea, about 15 miles outside of the harbor of Ancona.Diego was out for drifting fishing and using a whole sardine as the bait. The tuna was hooked in a depth of about 10m without using any lead on the rig, to make it sinking as natural as possible and by doing so to hide it in a cloud of chopped sardines in the feeding area. He used a Fin Nor Blue Fin Tuna rod 30/50lb with a Santiago reel #30 with 500 m 50 lb line. The...



Emmas catches monster sturgeon with light gear

We fished recently for carp in the Czech republic in one of Jakub Vagners private lakes, the lakes are filled with carps up to 23 kgs. We fished with rubby dubby boilies and pop ups, dipped in the rubby dubby dip. The carps really liked the boilies and so did the smaller sturgeons. One morning was really crazy; I did not have time to sit for one second, there were double runs everywhere! All Mustad board members, who joined us, managed to fight and land nice carp!But one night, just before dinner, I took my Quantum Yasasi 6 foot rod to catch some pike with a small dead roach. In the second...