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Waste Collection on the Coast

Cooperation between Zebco Europe and Plastic in the Basket

Since 2020, Zebco Europe has been a sponsor of the association “Plastic in the Basket Germany e.V.”, supporting the fight against plastic waste in our waters. The original idea behind Plastic in the Basket was that flyfishers collect rubbish in their line baskets during and after fishing and thus help to free the sea from plastic waste.

To raise awareness, a waste collection day was organised on 3 October on the German Baltic coast - from the Danish to the Polish border. With the participation of anglers, tackle dealers and clubs, the coast was cleared of waste, and tourists and locals were encouraged to participate. The campaign was also made possible by the other sponsors, Angelsport Moritz Nord and Ostsee-Tourismus-Service GmbH. The climate-neutral bin liners required were produced and provided by the Schleswig-Holstein company pely-plastic GmbH & Co KG. Interested people could pick up the bin liners in the participating tackle shops. 

Due to the great success of the campaign, next year the Collecting Day is to be extended to the whole of Germany, with tackle shops and clubs to be even more involved. Together we want to ensure that our waters remain clean in the long term, so that we can continue to enjoy our hobby. 

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