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When the boat calls!

Practical know-how for long fishing sessions on a boatBoats are an integral part of specimen catfish angling. For the most part, they’re used for transporting anglers’ equipment or for presenting rigs. However, it's now quite possible to use a boat as a mobile peg and even to spend several days on it. To maximise enjoyment on the water, every mobile peg on the boat should be well equipped. Below are the key elements to consider before embarking on a long session on a boat: Boat tentWhen living on a boat for an extended period, a dry sleeping area is absolutely essential. The Black Cat Special...



Red Monster boilies are on fire!

Tostedt. Radical “Red Monster” boilies, which were launched on the market in autumn 2018, are secret weapons no more. The Radical team anglers enjoyed insane catches with the boilies during testing and even after their market launch – and word has spread like wildfire.The Red Monster is made up of two different mixes. The red half of the boilie includes 20% “Robin Red”, a mixture of spices from English manufacturer Haiths that has a magical effect on carp, diffusing aromas quickly into the water and remaining effective even in low water temperatures. Since the spices stimulate a carp’s...



Black Cat Lightning Float – the bright yellow temptress!

Autumn has set in on the River Po, known in Italy as ‘Il Grande Fiume’. A time when nature enchants us with its intense light show, albeit only at night when the mist furtively and silently shrouds the landscape and stubbornly holds. The abundant vegetation that grew rampantly along the river banks in the summer now looks forlorn as it slowly loses its lush green colour. However, one plant refuses to admit defeat. The striking evening primrose with its bright yellow flowers glows in the dark, standing undaunted and upright like a sentry.The colour yellow generally plays an important role in...



Fish ‘n Chippy - Part 3: Species Fishing

It is the beginning of October. Fabian Frenzel, Oliver Krage, Frank Adam, Florian Hühnken and I are staying in Penzance, a town in the most westerly part of Cornwall, Southwest of England.  The bay to the entrance of the British Channel is a paradise for sea anglers: We were able to catch 20 species of fish in only four days. We will share our experiences in a series of three articles. Follow us into breathtaking moments, surrounded by a beautiful landscape.Part 3: Species FishingThe heavy rods and reels stay home on our second date with Chippy. Today a whole bunch of different species...