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Team Denmark

No matter where you live in Denmark, it is always easy to get to the coast, on the ocean or to a small river to fish.

Easy access to the coast and the small rivers have made a tradition for many Danish anglers who like to catch fish that can be eaten, e.g. sea trout, cod and flatfish.

In the late 1970s the first Danish anglers developed an interest in coarse fishing, this discipline was practically nonexistent in Denmark previously.

In 1984 Team Captain Peter Hansen became one of the founders of “Bellinge Medeklub”, a fishing club consisting of budding young anglers who loved this new sport. All the members lived in Bellinge, a town in the middle of Funen, they started fishing  the local waters where they  caught roach, bream and crucian carp. In the years to come there was a natural change of members in the club, many of which have expanded their interests to not only coarse fishing but also other types of modern angling. While competition and specimen angling are still the most common disciplines, some club members also take an interest in fishing sea trout and catfish.

In 2005 the club came in contact with Frerk Petersen and Team Browning Denmark was born.

Today Team Browning DK´s eight members are spread out over the entire country with representatives on Funen, Zealand and Jutland.

We do not have any internal club competitions, as it is our philosophy that knowledge and skill is best shared through team efforts, not by competing with each other. Over the years our sense of solidarity  and openness has rewarded us with 13 Danish Team Championships, 7 Danish Individual Championships and 2 Nordic Individual Championships.

If you are interested in coarse fishing in Denmark, please check out or contact us:

Peter Hansen email:  or Bjarne Johansen email: