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Black Cat introduces the most innovative bite alarm on the market

Tostedt. Black Cat introduces the world's first Catfish Bite Alarm with an integrated "Shore Mode" and an innovative "Boat Mode". A technical marvel that has been thought through down to the smallest detail: the Battle Sounder.

Catfish fishing is becoming more and more popular, one of the reasons is definitely the increasing population of Silurus glanis. Catfish fishing is also becoming more and more sophisticated and modern, the rigs are becoming finer and the rods more delicate. To date, there has not been a bite alarm on the market that has been able to transfer every modern fishing method to the receiver. The engineers at Black Cat have taken on this topic and, after more than one and a half years of software development, have incorporated all imaginable situations that can occur on the water into this little box.

Thanks to the proprietary I-Com technology, the bite alarm can be easily connected to the receiver supplied. Every conceivable situation was presented in extensive field tests and integrated into the development. The very innovative quick-change adapter is just one of the many features. The alarm can be separated from the rod blank in no time at all by simply turning it and does not interfere with brutal fights.

The Battle Sounder easily defies rain, wind, dust and cold. A class 6 IPP test certifies that the alarm is waterproof and dustproof. The entire housing is sealed and therefore external influences cannot harm the bite alarm. Pitch and sensitivity can be adjusted to eight different settings and the alarm LED can be programmed to different colors. Once the bite alarm is activated on the placed and pre-tensioned catfish fishing rod, it will measure the angle of the tensioned fishing rod itself and be ready to sound an alarm. Fine-tuning of wind, wave and baitfish movement is then done by the angler using smart-touch mode.

The Battle Sounder has digital, dynamic bite detection, a very sensitive adjustable tilt alarm and a snapback alarm. The absolute highlight is the boat mode built into the Battle Sounder, which allows the angler to set four different sensitivity settings and is an important mode when the fishing rod is on a moving boat. Any volume at which the sound is generated can be selected via the high-quality cone loudspeaker. The bite alarms can be muted and the bite detection is then only via the radio receiver and the LEDs. The device also has a night light function.

Black Cat chief developer Stefan Seuß on the new Battle Sounder: "For me, the perfect mix of function and handling! The all-round bite alarm for catfish anglers is here! Never before had bite alarm technology inspired and convinced me so much. Simple handling, quick assembly on the rod and a wide range of functions for every fishing situation. Even with boat fishing, the integrated boat mode ensures reliable bite signals!” The Battle Sounder will be available from retailers from June. The individual bite alarm has a recommended retail price of €139.95, the receiver also costs €139.95, the two-set including receiver is available for €399.95.