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4street Offers Inspiring Products!

Tostedt. The so-called street fishing craze is currently on everyone’s lips and maybe even the big trend in the fishing scene of the coming decade. Anglers love street fishing because it allows them to pursue their hobby in a simple way and without much effort, and at nearby urban fishing spots. All you need is a short rod, handy and light luggage - and fire away!

The trend is now catching anglers from many European cities, so it was obvious that Quantum now offers a tailor-made product range - tailored exactly to the needs of these sportsfishermen! Under the “4street” label, the street fishing enthusiast will find the optimal products which will enable him to fish in this modern way.

For example, extravagant spinning rods, made from the highest quality materials. Catchy baits such as softbaits made of Japanese eco-friendly material (EFM) and tungsten-made components such as jig heads and bullet weights are all the rage due to their ecological sustainability. A well designed luggage range is not only chic, but allows the angler to fish long stretches with light luggage. The terminal tackle section is designed to produce catchy rigs, such as the Carolina or Texas rig, to ensure catching success even on heavily fished waters. The articles will be available from mid-May.

And here is where you can find 4street: