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Browning Sponsored Anglers at Coleman’s

Last Year Browning arranged for all of its UK and foreign sponsored anglers to meet in England for a competitive angling holiday.  That event proved so popular that the foreign anglers decided they would run a smaller event themselves this year.  The venue was Coleman’s Cottage in Witham, Essex and was held over two days, Fri 30th and Saturday 31st May.  27 anglers took part, with 9 from Denmark and Sweden and the rest made up of UK anglers.  To accommodate the European competitors a pole limit of 13m was agreed and everyone was on an even playing field, given that European FIPS rules only allow 13m of pole as a maximum in the rest of Europe.
Many of the foreign anglers had travelled close to 500 miles, but the lure of English style match carp fishing was enough to pry them away from their delicate roach waters.  Per Eric Ghyllbrandt from Sweden was the match organiser and he’d travelled from Sweden along with some team mates, driving over 600km and spending over 15 hours on 2 ferries.  Most stayed locally in the excellent cottages owned by the fishery.  As expected the event was dominated by UK anglers with Rob Wright (Browning Hotrods) winning day one with 128lbs on Wood Lake from peg 22.  Day 2 was won by another Browning Hotrod angler, Ricky Young, who also managed the festivals highest weight 140lbs from peg 23 on Pathfield.  Top overall angler was Mark Brown from local side Browning Wickford, with a perfect 2 point score.  Top foreign angler was Gunther Furthmuller who managed 2nd overall on day 1 and 5 over the 2 days with 7pts and 151lb 4oz, his first ever visit to a UK fishery!
Talking to the foreign anglers during the event it was clear how much they enjoyed the fishing, with many fishing 7 consecutive matches during their weeklong stay.  Specialist carp fisheries do not exist in Denmark or Sweden, and even lone carp are a rare sight.  They enjoyed the fight and aggressive nature of the fishing, but struggled a little with big elastics, catching big fish fast and keeping on top of their weight limits for nets.  F1 fishing proved to be most popular, and with roach their usual quarry there were some obvious parallels.   Many of the foreign anglers fished for their National team including the organiser, for which they have to qualify for a place, and were looking forward to this year’s FIPSed event in Croatia.  They also mentioned their keenness to enter feeder teams for the new FIPSed International competition.  However the last trial for the event produced just 4 anglers, including two over 60yrs that had to fish the feeder due to not being able to see a float... they decided not to enter a team.  In terms of cost, the England trip was expensive for the travelling anglers, however they are used to that, in countries where coarse matches are rare and travelling is a must.  Given the costs of bait and travelling back home, amazingly fishing the event in the UK worked out similar in terms of costs to competing in matches at home, and so the tourists are planning more events in the future.
 Full results:
Day 1 winner - Rob Wright (Browning Hotrods) 128lb
Day 2 winner - Ricky Young (Browning Hotrods) 140lb
Overall 2 days –
Winner – Mark Brown (Browning Wickford) 2pts 203lb 4oz
2nd – Cliff Adams (Browning Wickford) 4pts 219lb 12oz
3rd – Carl Shepherdson (Browning) 6pts 166lb
Best foreign angler – Gunther Furthmuller 7pts, 151lb 4oz
All anglers now look forward to the next Browning event, the ‘vintage pole’ match being held on 18th October at Tunnel Barn Farm, where a lucky angler will win a top of the range Browning pole.  The match is open to all anglers but they must use a pre 2005 Browning pole. The free to enter event is also open to spectators and visitors and they will get the opportunity to try Browning’s latest range of poles. Bob Nudd will be present and will fish the event but will not be eligible to win a new pole!

Anglers will also be able to compare the old poles against the latest models to see how far pole technology has advanced.  There will be a just a few special rules (see below) to ensure a fair match:   

1) The pole used must be a Browning pre 2005 model.  Pole ranges like the Carboxys,  early Black Magics, Titaniums, Legends plus many others will be eligible.
2) There will be pole length limit of 13m maximum and 6m minimum.   
3) A maximum of 2 top kits, plus a separate cupping kit, can be set up.  

To enter or for more information email: with your name and contact details and model of Browning pole you will be using. Closing date is August 31st.