Silent and black through the night: the new Rhino Black Edition motor

Tostedt. Rhino presents a new engine series, the Black Edition! Building on the proven and reliable VX technology that has been tried and tested for over 20 years, our engineers have created a special model that is completely black. All in all with an extremely cool look, as it was repeatedly demanded by carp anglers - and with additional innovative functions! However, this motor series will not only inspire carp and catfish anglers, who have always wanted an stealth motor on their inflatable boat. Due to the wide range of performance, the series can also be used for many other types of...



Rhino Flexi Diver: diving discs redefined!

Tostedt. With the brand new Flexi Diver diving discs from Rhino, anglers can reach trolling depths of over ten meters – even without a downrigger! But what makes these discs the "Flexi" Diver? In contrast to other diving discs on the market, the Flexi Diver can either be used permanently in a rig or variably with a freely definable distance to the bait! With fixed setup, a swivel is attached to the end of the main line (0.40 to 0.45 mono or 0.25 to 0.35 braid) and this is hooked into the eyelet of the release arm. The leader, which must not be longer than the distance from the rod tip to...



World novelty: first trolling reel with lever drag AND line counter!

Tostedt. With the Wizard 420 LCLD, Rhino presents a world first, the first lever drag reel ever for trolling with a line counter! It is surprising that no manufacturer has yet combined these two features in a trolling reel. Both of these functions are as convincing as they are obvious. In the early years of trolling for sea trout and salmon, in Europe it was the early 1990s, lever drag reels were the ultimate when it came to optimal drag performance. With such a drag, even super-sized predators can be played confidently. The dilemma for the trolling professionals over time, however, was...