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Team Crowsport

Browning Crowsport are a successful match fishing team that originated from the Surrey and Berkshire Area, in the South of England. But now include members from as far away as the Midlands and Devon.

2002 we became part of the Browning Team.

About us:
The team was formed in 1997 and has seen a few changes in personnel over the years but still contains a number of our original members!

We compete in national and locals leagues ranging from the old Drennan Summer Leagues to Angling Times Winter Leagues. We currently are competing in The Tunnel Barn Farm, Teams of Four Winter League, The Willow Park, Teams of Four Winter League, The Avon Valley Division of the Angling Times Winter League and are about to join some summer league(s).

The team has enjoyed success on a team level but also individually the team contains two winners of the former Angling Plus Subscriber Classic, Justin Watkins and Ade Blackwell.

The Squad:
Justin Watkins, Ade Blackwell, Roger Knight, Ken Russell, Andy Blay, Mick Cook, Nick Stunt, Jay Davis, Geoff Ball, Andy Morrison, John Brownlie, Mike McGuire, Pete Lemon, Mick Fordham, Thom Hunt, Dave Howe and Pat Pritchard.

The team's favourite Browning Tackle:
The Xitan Z9 of course - the best pole on the market!   Since the poles’ introduction, most of the team have upgraded to the Z9 and never looked back. The strength, stiffness, balance and lightness, truly gives team members a competitive advantage. Other favourites are the new range of luggage and the Browning groundbaits, especially Black Magic and Betain Mussel Mix. In recent years we have been very impressed with Browning’s commitment to developing tackle suitable for the UK and we now have access to competitive, top of the range tackle.

Justin Watkins
phone number +44797 7401453)

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You can also follow Thom Hunt on TV, in Channel 4’s Three Hungry Boys