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Silent and black through the night: the new Rhino Black Edition motor

Tostedt. Rhino presents a new engine series, the Black Edition! Building on the proven and reliable VX technology that has been tried and tested for over 20 years, our engineers have created a special model that is completely black. All in all with an extremely cool look, as it was repeatedly demanded by carp anglers - and with additional innovative functions!

However, this motor series will not only inspire carp and catfish anglers, who have always wanted an stealth motor on their inflatable boat. Due to the wide range of performance, the series can also be used for many other types of boats, even on the belly boat or up to the function as a doldrums pusher on a sailing boat.

Each Black Edition motor is equipped with a motor head that can be folded vertically by 30° and offset horizontally by 180°, which makes it easy to mount on the belly boat or on the side of the kayak. There is also a gear and battery indicator via LED. The black aluminum composite shaft brings weight savings and strength. A telescopic tiller with five forward and two reverse gears allows for easy progress. Furthermore, the Black Edition series is equipped with the robust, reliable mechanism for folding the motor out of the water and stepless depth adjustment. The weedless propeller easily pushes the motor even through weed beds. This means that it can also be used in the dark without risk!

Andreas Gawenat, responsible for the Rhino engine range for over 20 years on the Black Edition: "This engine is an optimal combination of reliable and proven Rhino engine technology and practical innovations. Here the wishes of our customers have been incorporated intensively in order to be able to present a practical motor at an attractive price. Of course, we have also adopted the effective neodymium magnet technology in the BE65, which is installed in all Rhino engines with a thrust of 60 lbs or more.”

The Black Edition engine series is available in three performance levels:

  • 12V 35lbs thrust, 380W max power
  • 12V 55lbs thrust, 600W max power
  • 12V 65lbs thrust, 510W max power

The suggested retail price is between €349.95/£309.99 for the BE35 and €449.95/£399.99 for the BE65. These engines will be available from specialist dealers from May.

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