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Zebco Europe wishes Babs all the best!

Tostedt. Zebco Europe and Babs Kijewski worked together closely for almost exactly eight years. Babs worked primarily as a brand ambassador for Quantum and Black Cat. At first she was smiled at slightly in the industry, but then quickly evolved and became a very respected predator angler with a huge fan base. At trade fairs, Babs has partially pushed the limits of physical fitness for the company's products. Worldwide, she was on the road with her fishing rod and camera, numerous television appearances testify to her popularity.
When you have a very professional and friendly relationship, it is important to recognize when corporate goals and personal goals no longer fit together perfectly. Therefore, Babs Kijewski and Frerk Petersen, Managing Directors of Zebco Europe, decided in the autumn of 2018 to gradually release the close business relationship.
Frerk Petersen: "We really appreciated the time with Babs and thank her very much. Hardly any other company representative has succeeded in transporting the joy of the 'fishing' hobby as well as she did. We thank her for all that she has done for us - and we will always remain close friends, no matter where her path lead her. "
Babs Kijewski: "With sadness I look back on the eight years. Eight very good years, in which I was optimally supported by my sponsors Quantum and Black Cat. I thank the company and look forward to the tasks ahead of me! "