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4street Offers Inspiring Products!

Tostedt. The so-called street fishing craze is currently on everyone’s lips and maybe even the big trend in the fishing scene of the coming decade. Anglers love street fishing because it allows them to pursue their hobby in a simple way and without much effort, and at nearby urban fishing spots. All you need is a short rod, handy and light luggage - and fire away!The trend is now catching anglers from many European cities, so it was obvious that Quantum now offers a tailor-made product range - tailored exactly to the needs of these sportsfishermen! Under the “4street” label, the street...



Red Monster boilies are on fire!

Tostedt. Radical “Red Monster” boilies, which were launched on the market in autumn 2018, are secret weapons no more. The Radical team anglers enjoyed insane catches with the boilies during testing and even after their market launch – and word has spread like wildfire.The Red Monster is made up of two different mixes. The red half of the boilie includes 20% “Robin Red”, a mixture of spices from English manufacturer Haiths that has a magical effect on carp, diffusing aromas quickly into the water and remaining effective even in low water temperatures. Since the spices stimulate a carp’s...



Zebco Europe wishes Babs all the best!

Tostedt. Zebco Europe and Babs Kijewski worked together closely for almost exactly eight years. Babs worked primarily as a brand ambassador for Quantum and Black Cat. At first she was smiled at slightly in the industry, but then quickly evolved and became a very respected predator angler with a huge fan base. At trade fairs, Babs has partially pushed the limits of physical fitness for the company's products. Worldwide, she was on the road with her fishing rod and camera, numerous television appearances testify to her popularity.When you have a very professional and friendly relationship, it...



Red Monster - Radical launches combi boilie on the market

Tostedt. Robin Red® and Monster Crab are among the most effective boilie ingredients ever. In collaboration with Robin Illner, Radical has combined these ingredients into a new two-layer bait. Radical uses the original Robin Red® from Haiths in England for its red-green marbles.The Red Monster Boilie can be used as an instant bait, which quickly attracts carp to the swim due to its spicy aroma substances and produces catches without pre-baiting for extended periods of time. On the other hand, thanks to its high protein content of 31%, it is also ideal for creating long-term baiting campaigns....



Illner catches personal record in France

Tostedt. This spring, Radical test angler Robin Illner decided to target monster carp on large, shallow waters in northern France. His objective was clear from the outset. He wanted to land a carp of 25 kg (55 lb). The experienced angler’s chosen baits for the task were tiger nuts and dried 20 and 24 mm Rastafari boilies and Yellow Zombie boilies (both from Radical). “Sweet and bright baits particularly stand out and attract fish quickly. Fishmeal baits, on the other hand, are my preferred choice for long-term feeding grounds,” says Illner. Illner tested one of the large lakes for a...



Sensational predator in Holland

Tostedt.  Babs Kijeweski enjoyed an outstanding start to her predator season in Holland, enthusing: “I was already thinking last year about how and where I wanted to spend the start in Holland. The plan was to go on the Volkerak with my own boat for the first time. A completely unknown water for me. And a huge expanse of water as I discovered last weekend!I prefer to explore such unknown waters by trolling. In my opinion, that is the most effective way to gain an overview. I had two and a half days. With my objective set out, I started fishing. On the first day, I brought nine pike on...



Thirtieth catfish over 100 kg (220 lb)

Tostedt.  On 4 November 2013, Team Black Cat Guiding Tours, with Stefan Seuß and Benjamin Gründer, celebrated a particularly special milestone. The 20th catfish weighing more than 100 kg was landed on one of their guided tours. However, that was not enough. Four and a half years later, the 30th catfish over 100 kg has recently tipped the scales.  Stefan Seuß and Benjamin Gründer love what they do and continue to succeed in conveying their passion to guests on the Team Black Cat Guiding Tours. This was certainly true on the tour week from 31 March to 7 April, destination Grande Fiume...