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In summer 2015 we received certification under ISO 9001. This makes it evident that we work to particularly stringent standards. Additionally, we have implemented a hygiene management process for our boilies (Radical) and groundbait (Browning). Using our products is now even safer for you, thanks to advanced risk evaluation. Of course, we have our hygiene management audited by one of the largest certification agencies worldwide (SGS) on a yearly basis. The “mark of excellence” for our angling baits!
The correct declaration of the feed products we distribute was a key element to this. On this page, dealers and end users can review the applicable declarations (regarding composition and ingredients) for each of our feed products. This is particularly important, since older packages lacking relevant details might still be circulating or be in use with anglers.

Here’s to your angling success!


Tiger's Nuts
Bloody Chicken
Rubby Dubby
Yellow Zombie
Pink Tuna
Vampire Garlic
Crazy Clinic
Dirty Devil
Punky Monkey
Punky Monkey Plus
Highway To Smell
Red Monster
Black Cat Chunks


Big Fish
Black Magic
Red Roach
Easy Cheesy
Sweet Breams
Grand Slam
B22 Match
B22 Gardon
B22 Feeder
Grand Competition
River Competition
Method Competition
Crispy Carp
All Seasons
Dutch Danger - Black Monster
Dutch Danger - Spicy Thunder
Dutch Danger - Wild Black River
Dutch Danger - Boombastic Bream
Dutch Danger - Stillwater Surprise
Dutch Danger - Mad Roach
Method BBQ - Black Halibut
Method BBQ - Red Krill
Method BBQ - Sweet Magnum
Method BBQ - Green Mussel
Mussel Green
Robin Krill
Formula Fish