Record carp for Gründer

Tostedt. Radical and Black Cat team angler Benjamin Gründer has specialized in fishing for carp for more than 20 years. During this time, he has claimed some impressive catches throughout Europe. Landing an exceptional specimen of more than 25 kg was what drove him on his travels for many years. However, as catfish angling took up more and more of his time, his passion for carp become somewhat neglected. On a recent carp fishing trip to a club lake in Bavaria, though, Benjamin and his fishing partner Michael Freund enjoyed a veritable carp-fest. A euphoric Benjamin Gründer reports:...



265-centimetre monster catfish on the WILD CAT´z Adventure Weeks at Wallerwelt in Italy!

Tostedt. On Friday 6 April, a dream came true for WILD CAT´z Adventure Weeks participant Philipp Rehberger. The angler landed a 265-centimetre leviathan weighing an estimated 130 kilograms on the floodwaters of the river Po in Italy. It was the fish of his life. Firstly, however, Philipp had to endure a brutal fight from the dinghy that lasted over 25 minutes. The catfish took off upstream immediately after the bite in just 80 centimetres of water, which is typical behavior of only the largest specimens, before sitting on the bottom for several minutes as solid as a rock.The fully parabolic...



Tostedt. This year's event will be held at Colemans Cottage Fishery in Essex on Saturday 6th October 2018. With Bob Nudd celebrating fishing with Browning for over 30 years this year as always we like to remember the heritage of our brand and reward our Browning supportive anglers too. Over the years we have seen poles aging over 30 years, some of which are immaculate and cared for and some proving they have stood the test of time and the rigors of match angling. So do you have a Browning "classic" pole still being used today or even one you never wanted to pass on? Yes! Then...