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Per Korsgaard

My name is Per Korsgaard, I live on the beatify island Funen, where we have some of the best fishing water here in Denmark. I have been fishing almost all my life and after almost everything with fines.
Today I still spend most of my spare times on the hunt for the next big fish. My time is spend on the coast, in my boat on Lillebælt, at our summerhouse in Hvide Sande or primary at some of Denmark’s many stunning trout lakes.
All my life I have been very curious in the art of learning new things. Experimenting have always been a huge part of my fishing. In 2012 I began with Tremarella fishing, as one of the first here in Denmark and started with huge success. In 2014 I developed my homepage with the purpose to expand the Art of Modern Trout fishing to all my fellow Danish anglers. Today more and more people are using these new techniques, it’s a truly pleasure to watch.
Quantum Magic Trout is our new religion - and aim the missionary!