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Thomas Rimpl

Born in 1968 in Leipzig I was infected with the Angling Virus at the early age of only six years when I first went fishing with my father.  I guess you could call me an Allround Angler. I mainly focus on light coarse  and Carp fishing, but I also like to use Fly- and Spinning Rods occasionally. I simply enjoy variety, which is something you can find plenty of in angling. Only my favourite fish, the tench makes me forget everything else.

My second hobby is writing. Even back in the days of the GDR I used to write for the magazine "Deutscher Angelsport". Today I regularly contribute articles to the magazines "Matchangler" and "Rute & Rolle". I have also been featured in "Carp Mirror" and "Carp Connect".

When I was presented with the opportunity to cooperate with Zebco Europe in 2008 I was thrilled. I knew I could not have asked for a better sponsor than Zebco with their wide range of equipment, especially Coarse and Carp Tackle!