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Rüdiger Hansen

As a born and bred North Frisian, born in 1964, with the River Treene less than 100m from my doorstep, my passion for angling was already predetermined, especially with my father being an angler.

At the early age of four years my father took me angling for the first time. While his angling trips became less frequent over the years, I went out to fish more and more often. I started out as an Allrounder and eventually focused on coarse fishing.

What began with only one 5-metre-pole has grown to be a well stocked arsenal of rods and poles. Whether Pole-, Match-, or Feeder-Fishing, all these styles are of equal interest to me. Most accomplishments were made with Feeder Rods, however one highlight of my angling career, our team’s third place during the 2008 DAV Championship of  Fishing Clubs, was achieved with the float.

I also tried out Carp Fishing for a few years, with some success. Due to time constraints I have given up on this type of angling, however during the winter periods I still enjoy predator and seatrout fishing. Over the years I also managed to land several pike of over twenty pounds.

Most of my time and efforts are spent coarse fishing, this has resulted in 20 years of activity as a sports official within the Club ASV Schwabstedt, and the organsiation of many events (Treene-Cup, Browning-Juniorfishing, etc.).