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Peter Thomas

Based in Winchester, Hampshire but originally from Essex.

From a very early age I accompanied my Dad every weekend to open matches and high-level events. I spent hours watching and learning from “star” anglers.  By 11 I was fishing junior matches with some success and twice won the River Lea Junior Championship and the Junior British Pole championship.

By 14 I was a regular member of the Browning Wickford squad.  The team competed at a high level and I regularly fishing against some of the best teams and anglers in the UK.  I got to fish many big events like Winterleague Finals and Nationals and my experience grew rapidly.

At 17, I was selected to fish in the NFA England Under 21’s team. I fished four World Championship events in Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Croatia before age ruled me out.   We won the team Bronze medal and I was 5th individual on the River Arno near Florence.

My final year was in Croatia where I won the individual Silver medal - good end to my England Youth career - but was also painful as I finished with a perfect 2 point (2 section wins) score but was beaten for the Gold medal on weight count-back - it was gutting to be so near to being a "World Champion"! It would have been difficult to achieve success at this level without the excellent support of Browning.

On the home front, in 2003 I won the Dynamite Baits festival at Whiteacres.  I was 18 and at the time the youngest angler to win a festival – I spent the winnings back-packing around Australia !

University and then getting established in a new job interfered with my fishing but it’s a sensible investment in the future as it will ultimately give me the time and money that’s now needed to compete at top-level.

Favourite Methods
Pole, bloodworm for roach & skimmers; pole fishing shallow for carp,  lure fishing for Snook in Florida !

Favourite item of tackle
Obviously my Z9 pole which I had a 20lb carp on last year at Whiteacres, but last summer I caught loads of fish with the prototype Force 8’ Carp Wand – it’s so much better than a 10’ rod on small commercials.