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Helmut Langen

Allow me to introduce myself, I celebrated my 60th birthday in 2009 and have been angling ever since I was 15 years old.

I was first introduced to angling by my father and it did not take long for me to develop a passion for this hobby.

I became a member of the Angling Club Völklingen, the club lake was not far from my house. Later I joined the ASV Saarbrücken and started attending coarse fishing events in still and flowing waters. After a few years we, a group of ten anglers, founded the Club AF Gutenbach, which enabled us to practice our preferred pole fishing without having to depend on a larger club. For many years we were quite successful and in 1988 we founded the “Angelfreunde Simbach” as an incorporated society, which until today is part of the Angling Association Saar.

Our team was successful  for over ten years, we became state champion flowing waters, won several regional championships and always occupied top ranks in almost all competitions. In 2000 we registered with the DAV Saarland under the name “Brassen Team Saar” in order to compete in the national team championships. In 2001 we were awarded 2nd place in the German Championship (DAV).

In 2002 we formed our Browning Team Saarland and have been sponsored generously by Zebco Europe ever since. We can look back on many achievements under the Browning Banner: we have won regional championships several times, qualified for three national championships and scored top ranks in many other competitions

Some of my personal achievements:
-Long time member of the Saarland squad, one time squad champion.
-Participant in several national championships still and flowing waters (VDSF)
-Regional Champion Saarland (Team) Flowing Water ( VDSF )
-2nd place Saarland Championship (Individual) Flowing Water (VDSF)
-Various Sector and Individual winnings in flowing and still water
-Various regional champion titles flowing water
-2x Winner Senior Angling Stillwater (over 50 years), last time in 2009

Achievements 2009
1.  Senior Angling Stillwater first place
2.  Sector winner Kruttweiler   ( Saar )
3.  Sector winner Quierschied  ( Stillwater )
4.  Sector winner Regional Championship ( Saar )