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Adam Richards

Based in Billingham, Cleveland, UK

I’ve been fishing since before I can remember, unlike most people I struggle to remember the first fish I caught and my earliest fishing memory is seeing my dads tip on his feeder rod pulling round, I instinctively picked up his rod and stuck at the ‘bite’ which actually turned out to be my dad filling his feeder. From those early days I eventually started to recongnise the difference between a fish and my dads left hand and moved on from pleasure fishing with my dad to club matches and onto opens before starting to fish some of the bigger events all over the UK. During this time I ve managed to become the youngest ever winner of the kamasan matchman of the year trophy at the age of 20, won the Maver pairs final indivdually in 2008 came a close second to adam wakelin in the 2008 £25.000 parkdean masters (properbly the worst experience I ve had in my match fishing career) qualified for the 2009 fishomania final.  Hopefully being still young at the age of 22 there still plenty of time to keep enjoying my fishing and continue to fish (and hopefully win!) as many matches and big events as possible.

Favourite Methods:
Any type of shallow fishing, Stickfloat fishing on rivers during winter

Favourite item of tackle:
Champions choice commercial bomb, The best rod I ve ever used for fishing small feeders and bombs at reasonably short range. It has enough power to land fish into double figures yet is forgiving enough to re assusre you that your never going to pull a hook. Also the new tension puller kits which enable you to have all the advantages of both a puller kit and a winder bung.