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For me, catfish angling is pure adventure. These unique monsters excite me like nothing else! The often harsh conditions on the various catfish waters around Europe are a particular challenge for me and really put the fun into angling.

River angling is merciless and yet beautiful at the same time. That is why I’m mostly drawn to rivers when it comes to catfish angling.

In Germany, I love to go after our home-grown catfish with an underwater float or catfish clonk on the Rhine and Neckar . In Italy and France, I hunt out the large specimen lurking for prey in murky waters.

Practical reports and coverage of my angling tours and catches can be found in the magazines Fisch&Fang, Der Raubfisch, Blinker, Carp Mirror, Cat Connect and CHM and in the Italian magazine Tutto Carpa & Silure.

Since 2008, I have been accompanying catfish angling enthusiasts as a guide on a wide variety of waters around Europe, supporting my guests on their mission to land a dream fish.