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Sascha Kral

I was a regular at the water’s edge even as a youngster, accumulating experience of all different types of angling.

Within a short time of taking up angling, I took part in my first competition with our youth group and, by the age of 17, I had worked my way up to competing in the German youth championship.

Then, as carp angling became more and more popular, I stopped the match fishing to concentrate completely on carp. From 1990, I started to make regular trips to Holland and France.  The big reservoirs in France were among my favourite waters. At some point, I lost count of my trips. It felt like I was away more than I was at home…

From 2003, I started to shift my focus more and more away from carp and towards wels. I particularly like the remoteness of the large and medium-sized rivers of France and Italy. Sometimes, I can go several days without seeing another angler and being able to move freely along the water is a particular attraction of angling for me. Being alone with nature, exposed to sometimes extreme conditions and having the opportunity to see my bait violently attacked at any moment and to pit my wits against the biggest and strongest freshwater predators in Europe… those are the moments that make the greatest hobby in the world what it is.