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I am truly one of the few catfish anglers who prefers to seek out his challenges in Germany. That could also have something to do with the fact that the Neckar and the Rhine flow right past my front door.

In recent years, the Rhine and Neckar have built up a distinctive stock of catfish and spending hours on end on these magnificent and characterful rivers has taught me a lot about the German catfish.

Through intensive experience over these last few years, I’ve been able to tempt numerous catfish on my home waters. My biggest fish have weighed over 100 pounds and my biggest Rhine catfish measured 223 cm at 150 pounds.

Unfortunately, laws and regulations do not make it easy for the catfish angler to fish successfully for catfish in Germany. We have bans on using livebaits, night fishing, boat fishing, wild camping etc. and you have to abide by them. With special rigs and techniques, you can still present bunches of worms and deadbaits attractively. If you want to be successful, you have to use your imagination. This is how I approach fishing the Neckar. I’ve been working with Zebco as a test angler since autumn 2006. I bring 30 years of angling experience to the Black Cat catfish team. When I want to relax, however, I’m drawn to France and Italy. That’s where I spend all of my annual leave. In recent years, I’ve landed a few catfish up to 250 cm and 210 pounds over there. I’ve also been available for booking as a BC fishing guide since 2008.