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Kevin Weiß

At the very young age of 5 years I accompanied my cousin on one of his fishing trips, from that day on I had the angling bug. Over the years I hunted everything with fins and scales until I had my first catfish experience on the Ebro in 1998. This species has been my number one target ever since.

Countless trips to the best catfish waters all over Europe followed. I prefer the big rivers and reservoirs in Italy, France, Spain and Germany. A large river gives you nothing but can take from you everything! This fascinates me enormously and makes catfish angling especially challenging, pure adventure.

With the Rhine right at my doorstep I have easy access to one of Germany’s best catfish waters. During the last few years I managed to defeat some capital specimens of the Rhine, but I’m sure that the best is yet to come. I am eager to achieve even more in the future.

I have been trusting in Black Cat Products for years now hunting those fresh water giants. The high quality tackle has been indispensible in my success catching many large catfish. Black Cat – The best way to catch!

I am looking forward to the future cooperation and adding my experience to the Black Cat-Team.