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Angling is more than just a hobby for me. It’s a complete passion. I love racing down to the water, grabbing the spinning rod out of the car and having the chance of catching the fish of a lifetime. The days without fishing are hard. That’s why you will find me at the water almost every day, even in winter.

Angling can be a simple worm bath, or the subject of highly scientific theories. Sharing successes and thrilling experiences at the water with friends is what really excites me about angling. Obviously I’m hoping to enjoy more and more successes, but that should never become a necessity because then this passion would lose its essence.

Spinning is the ultimate thrill for me. The absolute bait control and the ability to bring the lure to life and tempt the catfish to attack is such a challenge. To feel those attacks right down the rod, as the catfish suck in up to 70 litres of water, is an addictive adrenaline rush.