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I come from Meiningen, a small town in Südthüringen. I was born on 27.06.1981 and have been at the water’s edge ever since I could walk. My father, grandfather and uncle passed on the angling bug when I was a mere infant. As my angling career progressed, I fished more and more for carp, which is still my number one target species. I started to go abroad at just 18 and France still holds a special attraction for me to this day. I’ve already fished numerous famous waters such as Salagu, Orient, Cassien, the Saône and the Rhône among others. In 2004 I moved on to Italy to the Po, where I got to know Stefan. We hit it off straight away. Many of our joint trips have made history and it’s always a pleasure to be on the bank with the “crazy one”.

I’ve been under contract with ZEBCO since 2005. I work as a freelance editor for Angelwoche, Fisch und Fang, Blinker and Carp Mirror magazines.

I also try to be as proactive as possible when it comes to fishing. That means I only ever fish for carp for 12 hours. I’ve fished that way on my home water for some time and have caught a lot of carp. I go fishing after work and start by feeding a swim on one water. Then I fish overnight on another lake. By rotating like this, I fish three waters per year. 3 nights per week and always on a different lake.

I’ve also become quite passionate about catfish over the last couple of years and had my first experience with the species on our small club ponds. Catfish angling has since taken me further afield. First of all, however, I explored Germany. I spent some time on the Rhine and the Elbe, where I learned the fundamentals about this fish. I then moved on to the Po where my girlfriend and I caught our first catfish by spinning. It was through Stefan that I was completely infected with the catfish bug. I’ve been self-employed since 2009 offering guided catfish tours to the Po and Rhône with Stefan. In Germany, we offer clonking tours which stretch from the Neckar and over the Rhine to the East of the country.