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Hello, my name is Barbara Kijewski, or Babs for short.

I was born in Berlin and have lived in Cologne since the start of 2010.

My interest in fish goes back to when I was a young girl. Together with my father, I would read volumes of literature on the world of fish. So the seeds of my passion for fishing were sown early on in my childhood. As soon as I could swim, I would go looking for fish in my local swimming lake. I have always been in touch with nature. It was a friend who first took me fishing. And I have been in love with the greatest hobby in the world ever since.

I would describe myself as an all-round angler. I like fishing for predators, wels and carp. Now and again, I go fly fishing. All my holidays are angling holidays. I have a number of short wels trips planned in the near future. I would definitely also like to land a few more ferocious sea predators this year. Angling for me is adventure, excitement and nature. After a day's angling, I feel very fulfilled and happy.

In recent years, I have developed a preference for spinning for pike, perch, zander and wels. I also enjoy trolling for pike. My home waters are the quarry pits around Cologne and the Rhine.