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Alessandro Biancardi

Hi everybody… my name is Alessandro, I was born in Mantova (Italy) and since I was a youg boy I have always practiced Carp Fishing.  In the last 10 years a new irresistible passion was born in me and from that day I enjoy fighting with the giant of the rivers.

Everything started as a joke and just for fun but now for me, feeling the great emotion of a catfish fighting and of drag burning it is just an irresistible desire of adventure. I often fish in the big river Po but sometimes I like testing the several channels nearby, always targeting the big waller.

My favorite fishing method is Vertical fishing with rod in hand targeting catfish hiding on the bottom but I know almost all major methods normally used for this kind of fishing from shore or from the boat.

Up to now my personal recod is a catfish of 107 kg and 240 cm. caught in my lover river Po.