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Browning Xitan Pole range 2013

Tostedt. Browning's innovative Xitan Z12 Revolution pole caused a stir in the market when released in 2012 and has been a deserved sales success. The Xitan Z12 incorporated a host of advanced features, not least that the pole is "ready to fish" with a range of same-length top-kits that do not need to be cut back and bushed.  For 2013 Browning have introduced a new Xitan pole range, covering the popular mid and lower price points, which incorporate the Z12's technology, features and and "ready-to-use" design.
Zebco's Director for Marketing & Product Development, Frerk Petersen, commented  "With the Xitan Z12 we challenged accepted norms in pole design and produced what we believe, and have been told, is the best pole available today. Our new Xitan pole range will bring the same technology and design principles into the important £500 - 1500 SSP ranges.  I believe that anglers shopping in these mid-price ranges will particularly like the fact that they no longer need to take a saw and cut big pieces of carbon off the tip of their new expensive pole!  These new poles really do offer a top-end features at a mid-range price.  Like the Z12, we think they represent a step change in pole design".
Below our recent pole brochure pdf.