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Quantum Exo reels success story continues

Quantum Exo reels success story continues

Tostedt. The accolades keep rolling in for Quantum Exo reels. At Europe's largest specialist trade fair for angling equipment, EFTTEX in Paris, the ultra-light and highly robust reels netted two prestigious awards at the start of June. The new left-handed multiplier Exo LH 101 was crowned best multiplier while its fixed-spool sister reel Exo Pti was only narrowly beaten into second place in the new size 15.

Zebco US and Zebco Europe introduced the revolutionary Quantum Exo concept, based upon a skeleton design and the use of ultra-light materials in the second half of 2011. The reels were an instant massive hit with spinning anglers. Supply of the reels, produced in a Zebco-owned factory just outside Shanghai, simply could not keep pace with demand. At the same time, development of new models and sizes continued relentlessly.

The fixed-spool reels were initially only produced in sizes 25 and 30. However, the size 15 Exo exhibited at EFTTEX will be launched this autumn along with two versions with additional line capacity in sizes 40 and 50. The Exo concept will then cover all important bases for spinning anglers. "With the large versions in particular, we will be able to exploit our weight advantage," says a confident Marketing Manager Frerk Petersen.

The baitcasters have previously only been available in right-handed models. In the Exo 101 SPT LH and Exo 101 HPT LH, available from autumn, there will then also be left-handed models in a choice of low (SPT) or high (HPT) gear ratios. These ultra-light models are so robust you can drive over them with a pick-up truck, as can be seen in the videos on the Quantum Exo micro web site:

But that’s not all. The Quantum engineers are already working tirelessly to develop the baitcaster in larger versions (size 200 and 300) to appeal to pike and salmon anglers. "The larger Exo baitcasters will open up completely new markets for us," says Jeff Pontius, President of Zebco US. The left-handed versions of these new sizes, primarily demanded by the European market, are expected to be available in summer 2013.