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Rhino Paravan

Rigging the Rhino Paravan
The Rhino Paravane is primarily used for trolling behind sideplaners and can be placed anywhere on the line to suit the angler's preference, without causing line damage. This means the Paravane has no effect on agile bait action due to its weight and does not alarm fish if, for example, it has caught seagras.
Let the bait out approx. 10 to 20 m into the stern wash and then insert the thin end of the tapered pin into the Paravan holder from behind. To enable the Paravane to deliver its full diving effect, the diving blade should be pointing towards the rod (see drawing). The distance between the bait and Paravane has very little influence on the diving depth. However, since the Paravane must be removed again during a fight, this should not be too short (at least 10 m), or the fish will be too close to the boat and removal will be unnecessarily difficult.

Diving depths achieved:
The distance between the Paravan and sideplaner largely determines the diving depth and, hence, the swimming depth of the bait. Distances of 25–35 m have proven effective in practice. You should therefore measure the distance when the Paravan touches the water and when you are hanging the line in the sideplaner or the clip of a planer board line.

Tip: Use line counters or measure the distance before starting angling and mark the line with a waterproof pen. The diving depth is also obviously influenced by the line diameter and speed through the water. The higher the speed and greater the line diameter, the flatter the swimming action of the Paravan. It is therefore difficult to give precise figures, as these will always vary depending on the swell, tide and tackle used.

The following depths correspond to a distance of approx. 30 m between Paravane and sideplaner / planer board, at a speed of 2.5 knots and a line diameter of 0.40 mm (20 lb monofilament).

    Paravane weight    Diving depth
    10 g                1 m
    25 g                2 m
    45 g                3 m
    70 g                4-5 m
    90 g                6-7 m

On a tight curve, the speed is significantly slower on the inside of the curve. The Paravanes can therefore reach significantly deeper depths (risk of snagging!). Travelling in slight curves can often mean more fish in the boat as the Paravanes automatically search for fish at different depths.

Benefits at a glance
– Can be positioned as far from the bait as you want – avoids spooking fish!
– Removable during a fight so does not get in the way during landing
– Rounded, polished edges mean no line damage
– Reliably catches drifting seaweed in the water that would otherwise become tangled with the bait
– Different sizes allow bait swimming depths to be set perfectly