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Big salmon success with New Rhino Lax Spoons

Tostedt. On January 8th the German trolling team "Trollingtreff" tested the new Rhino-Lax-spoons off the coast of the island Rügen (Germany) for the first time. They instantly fell in love with the spoon! Already shortly after they started they heard the eagerly awaited scream of one of their reels. The result was an immaculate salmon, which was just a few centimetres short of one metre and weighed 10 kg. Shortly after the first fish the second reel screamed and another Atlantic salmon was out for a long run. A fish of a similar size, but this time a bit North of the one metre mark. The trolling team went on like that but had to stop fishing already at 2 pm, as they reached the bag limit of 6 salmons per day. All fish weighed around 10 kg (22 lb), the best fish even exceeded 12 kg. Skipper Stefan Masuhr ( is sure that the new Rhino Lax Spoons will be an integral part of his setup in the future.