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New from Browning - Kobra Hybrid-Feeder

Tostedt. Effective immediately Zebco Europe has added a high class range of feeders to their product portfolio under the  Browning brand. The range of Method Feeders is manufactured in the UK by renowned manufacturer "Kobra". These models are widely acknowledged as being amongst the best in the market and used by many Top-Anglers. There is one specific design for each angling discipline plus some very special long distcance models.
Marketing Manager Frerk Petersen explains: "Browning has had a strong position in the Feeder market for a long time, taking charge of the Kobra distribution in all of Europe was only a logical step in order to strengthen our own high quality range with additional highly sought after special models. Due to the short delivery time within Europe we are able to supply immediately, we have good stock quantities of all selected models."
The Kobra Feeders are manufactured only from the highest quality components, such as brass tubes or hollow elastics, which explains the higher price level. Especially experienced Feeder Anglers demand high quality and attention to detail and are therefore willing to pay a reasonable price for quality tackle. Our new Browning-Hybrid Feeders "Made by Kobra" offer attractive sales opportunities for the retail trade.