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Quantum unleashes generation "Exo"

After unveiling the Quantum Smoke to the public at the EFTTEX, we have presented the top models from the new Quantum reel concept under the name "Exo PT" at the ICAST in Las Vegas - in both fixed-spool and baitcaster designs! The new models are very much in line with the motto: LESS IS MORE! So: "Welcome to generation Exo!". Where we have punched a hole through conventional reel design. Where an external aluminium skeleton eliminates unnecessary weight without compromising on power. And where light weight unleashes unimaginable power in the fight.
"We can always make a good design better." Such is the unswerving philosophy behind the Quantum Performance Tuned range. Ultimately, the challenge is to pore over technical details and give everything to that final 5%. Just to squeeze out another 3 m of casting distance. Just to save another 10 or 15 grams. Such refinements are only possible when the Quantum engineers question traditional wisdom to find a better solution.
And it is precisely this thinking that created the new Quantum Exo PT products. We presented our engineers with one simple challenge: To design angling equipment with unprecedented lightness without sacrificing performance. This triggered a revolution in reel design, which, in many respects is a very simple solution. We call it: "Metal where it matters". The result is an absolute innovation in the first Quantum reel with an external skeleton and the lightest product we have ever manufactured. And that is not all by a long way. Exo PT reels also represent a giant step forward in terms of performance thanks to their ambitious, globally unique innovations (which can be clearly seen from the reels' finesse). Yet another reason for you to join generation Exo.
The entire Exo concept is presented in detail on its own online micro-site: it is certainly worth a look at! The videos on the micro-site will also be available shortly at The load test is particularly fascinating; it is amusing to see the video of how the top professionals reacted to the Exo for the first time - especially when we mischievously told them the reel had been exclusively made for one of their team-mates…
As with the Smoke, we hope to be able to deliver the reels from December. These reels represent the dawn of a new era for us - and hopefully for many anglers!