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Quantum Smoke

The Quantum Smoke is the first Quantum reel with a skeleton design following the principle "Metal where it matters". This has enabled us to dramatically reduce the weight of the reel without making even the slightest compromise in terms of rigidity. The size 25 Smoke weighs just 207 grams, which is a good 100 grams less (!) than our predecessor models in the same market and price segment. The reel continues the tradition of a metal body which is robust while ensuring an ultra-smooth gear action.  Wherever metal has had to be used it has been used, but in a weight-optimised form - the housing as a shell component looks like Swiss cheese with milled out sections only where possible. On the other hand, metal has been replaced where possible with modern composite materials. The rotor is made from a composite of a plastic used in the space industry and long carbon fibres (approx. 10 mm), which are extremely difficult to process but achieve incredible rigidity. The one German journalist who was really interested in the reel was able to see for himself that, for example, the rotor arms cannot be pushed together - in stark contrast to many other lightweight reels! The Smoke also impresses with its particularly light, unusually shaped and thus balanced, handle arm as well as with the multi-disc carbon front drag that can create up to 15 lb of brake pressure; most unusual for a reel of this size. The Max Cast spool edge design also reduces line friction on the front edge, significantly increasing casting distances. It terms of appearance, the Smoke is both aggressive and modern and lays down the blueprint for additional reels following the same principle. At the ICAST Sportfishing Trade Show in Las Vegas in four weeks, we will be presenting the next evolutionary stage, which Zebco US did not yet want to present in Europe, but in my opinion is just that little bit more breathtaking.