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Fin-Nor Marquesa "Best of Show" EFTTEX 2011

Tostedt. The Fin-Nor "Marquesa-2-Speed" multiplier was crowned "Best new Multiplier Reel" at the EFTTEX European fishing tackle trade fair in Amsterdam in June 2011. The reel, which is CNC-machined from an aluminium block, impresses with its high gear ratio but can also be used in its low-gear-ratio second speed for heavy duty applications which are supported by the CNC-machined over-sized gears and the drag with carbon discs, as found in really large big-game multipliers. Overall, the reel can generate up to 45 pounds of brake pressure. At just over 800 grams in weight, the Marquesa-2-Speed is best suited to stand-up fishing and can be used for various other sea angling techniques. The reel comes in a choice of size 20 and 30. Thanks to its gear ratio of 6.1:1, the reel retrieves an incredible 1.30 m of line with a single turn of the handle when the spool is completely filled. Packaging this technical marvel in eye-catching silver and gold is sure to add to its popularity.

Zebco Europe expects to be able to introduce the reel to the market from December. The recommended retail prices are expected to be around 350 Euros.