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Browning Xitan Z9 Power - nominated the UK's best Pole!

Tostedt. No other country test the limits of pole design as much as the UK. Catching big carp on commercial fisheries at 16, and even 17.5, metres tests poles to the absolute limit.  Any weakness or quality issue is very quickly exposed.  Browning recognised this and now uses the UK as it's development centre for poles - poles developed in, and for, the most demanding market in Europe.
UK weekly magazine "Anglers Mail" recently named the flagship Xitan Z9 as a "best product of 2010"  in recognition of the reputation the Z9 has gained as one of the very best poles available today.  Jürgen Masuch, Product Manager of Zebco Sports Europe, comments: " We're delighted to get this recognition. The Z9 didn't happen by accident. Lots of effort went into the design and and testing of the Xitan poles to make sure they were right for the UK market.  We have access the best materials and expert carbon engineers in our production facilities. Using the latest Nano Carbon technology has allowed us to produce poles that are light, stiff, but incredibly strong. The Z9 is just one of the Xitan range. We've also got  the Z2 Carpmaster,  Z4.5 and Z7.5  sharing the Z9's technology so we've made a Xitan for everybody!".

Eleven-time medal winner and multi World Champion Bob Nudd says: "The Z9 is simply fantastic. It's performance at 16 metres and beyond is outstanding and couldn't have been dreamt of even a couple of years ago.  The combination of strength, weight and stiffness they have managed to achieve amazes me. It's by far the best pole I have ever used."