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Pass on the knowledge

Recently I have started to do a few short sessions to teach one of my friends son the joys of carp fishing.
But as you know it doesn’t happen in an instant you cant guarantee a fish over the 24hrs that your there.
And with all young people if they don’t get an instant success they lose interest very quickly.
I normally use my own mix of particles in a few of my favourite areas to try and get the carp to feeding. I normally put it out before I set up to give the carp chance to settle before introducing my hooked bait.

But this time I tried the CYBER SUNSET MIX and the BIG WATER MIX. I was given by my Worlds fishing partner Rod Bird. I was very impressed by the good variety in seeds nuts and the quality and quantity with in the packets. With only a few bags tipped in to a small bucket it makes a great mix to lay out a good bed of feed for the carp. After laying out three patches of mix I continued to sort out our set up to give the mix plenty of time to start to release the oils in to the water and hopefully get the carp on the feed.

We had only been there twenty minutes when we were ready to put his first rod in the water over the bed of Cyber mix. We managed to get the hooked bait right over the bed of Cyber mix without to much disturbance to the swim and proceeded to set up the second rod. We had only been at it for two minutes when he received a single beep on the rod we had just placed over the mix. As I turned to David to warn him to keep his eye on the alarm, the swinger shot off and the alarm rang out with an almighty scream. After a few panicking seconds I managing to keep the rod under control and David’s feet on the ground. That’s when I realised he had  the worlds biggest smile and he had obviously hooked in to a good fish. The fish gave him a good run for him money and took him a good fifteen minutes to get it to the landing net.

When I lifted the net I also realised he had caught a good fish that would soon probley become his PB.

David had managed to get himself his first carp and his first PB 28lb 8oz Mirror Carp. As you can tell by the smile I think the picture says it all. I fully believe he was able to catch the fish and the others from this short session due to the outstanding quality of the Cyber mix we had put out. We managed to get catch five fish that session which turned out to be one of the best sessions iv had in a long time. I managed to land two Mirror carp one 22lb and the other 27lb 4oz. David’s father also came up trumps with a small 5lb Common and a 18lb Mirror.