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Browning in NEW Partnership with the Environment Agency

Browning has joined the Environment Agency in a new partnership covering the Anglian and Midland regions to help promote angling.

The Environment Agency has a statutory role to promote angling as a widely available and worthwhile recreation and Browning's role within the new partnership  includes helping to promote the national ‘Angling 2015’ angling participation campaign.  This campaign will help to bring new people of all ages, needs and backgrounds into fishing. 

Browning will  supply some equipment for many of the coaching days and events aimed at encouraging many of the estimated 200,000 people new to angling in the next ten years.  The Agency has set these targets which will be met via their own and locally linked angling club coaching programmes. 

Browning are also helping with the use of venues and angling personalities as well as helping to fund National Federation of Anglers backed coaching courses for some of it’s sponsored anglers.

The company is also actively involved in developing new products which ideally suit the new angler. With the Agency, Browning have helped design items of tackle to make the coaching of new anglers easier and more effective.  This partnership input has provided information that is crucial to Browning’s product development.

Anthony Connolly (UK Director) said: 'The partnership is key to the development of existing and new anglers to the sport'.  In conjunction with the requirements of the Agency,  Browning have helped to provide two fishing packs (angler & non-angler).  These will be available at selected coaching events and will help to remind anglers of their day’s experience and help them on their way to successful angling in the future.

‘Our hope is that these anglers will then develop their skills and continue to fish, which is vital to the survival of angling’, said Mr Connolly.

It is hoped that more regional Agency offices across the UK will later also form a partnership with Browning, to get more people out onto local waterways and fishing…  Information on events can be found at: