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Pole-fisher catches huge cod!

The grimacing face of Martin Christensen  betrays the fact that you
don't present a 31,7kg cod easily to the camera man.

Match angler Martin Christensen would never, even in his wildest dreams,
have imagined such a catch. During his holiday in Soroya/Norway, the
Browning field tester from Denmark, who normally only uses pole and match
rod, caught a cod weighing 31,7kg and measuring 1,42m in length. It was at
the Nordic-Sea Angling camp ( that he had this
uncanny encounter with a fish of such huge dimensions. And it wasn't even a
spawning cod - with spawn it would have been even heavier!
Professional fishermen regularly catch Fjord-giants in this region, however
fishermen catching a cod weighing more than 25kg is a rarity. In this case
the catch was for example the largest cod that has ever been caught by a

Browning angler Martin Christensen landed the fish with following equipment:
Rod - Quantum Hypercast Trolling 30/50 lbs.  Reel - Zebco Topic Trolling XMD
50 with a 0,35mm braided line. As bait he used a 300g Quantum Deep Sea Pirk
in luminous orange, which was presented at a depth of 60m.