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Revolutionary digital catalog for anglers

Tostedt. Zebco Europe has been running a completely new type of consumer online portal for some time. The new website is available in nine languages at Customers of the company with its seven global brands Quantum, Rhino, Browning, Black Cat, Zebco, Radical and Magic Trout can now use this domain to find out more about every product from Zebco Europe than was ever possible with a printed catalogue.

Particular attention was paid to a clear and emotional presentation of all products from the respective brands and intuitive usability. Each product can be found in different ways, e.g. via the menu, a category, a product family, the brand or simply by the search function. The modern design automatically adapts to different screen sizes and mobile devices.

The typical filters and shop-like elements and displays were deliberately avoided: the flexible structure in categories and so-called "sliders" is intended to invite the user to browse. On the product detail page, you can also "scroll" with the arrow buttons to access other products in a similar area - similar to the classic catalogue, only updated daily. This means that products introduced during the year can also be experienced live from the day of their introduction. The user thus has a complete "digital catalogue" with all conceivable product data, such as operating instructions, 360° animations, videos, illustrations, spare parts, detailed/lifestyle images and additional information - and new data is added every day!

Marketing & Production Manager of Zebco Europe, Martin Puchter: "In order to achieve the ambitious goal, a small team worked intensively and tested for 12 months. The portal is a complete in-house development and integrated into the company-wide PIM database. The big advantage for the user: Despite the complex databases and gigantic amounts of data in the background, we have managed to achieve an incomparably fast loading speed. The desired pages are displayed in a flash.”

With the new website, Zebco Europe is ideally positioned for successful communication with dealers and anglers in the future. The new online presence is the first-class point of contact for detailed product information and a central pillar of the communication strategy.

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