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Pineapple zombie on the road to success

Radical boilies have been setting standards for many years: Unbeatably catchy, with innovative, natural ingredients and packaged in an incomparably attractive way. Smaller evolutions are part of every product cycle and consequently we have recently worked hard to improve the recipes of the Radical boilies again. And in the process, they are also given contemporary, environmentally friendly packaging.

The first, newly released boilie is the Pineapple Zombie and is available now. Sounds familiar: Exactly, it is based on the previous bestseller Yellow Zombie. The "new one" is to some extent a continuation of the very popular Yellow Zombie Boilie, but we've made some changes. These improvements make the bait even more attractive. The Pineapple Zombie still contains real fruit particles like dried pieces of pineapple. In addition, the bait contains fruit nectar, which gives the whole mixture a very pleasant and distinctive aroma and creamy taste.

When can the Pineapple Zombie be used? Many will probably think that sweet baits are preferably something for late spring or summer. But far from it! Thanks to its structure and the ingredients it contains, the Pineapple Zombie works great all year round, even in late winter. The protein it contains is very easy to digest even at low temperatures. Pineapple Zombie - a bait for the whole year! The Pineapple Zombie is available as 16 and 20mm boilies.

Radical boilies - in harmony with nature. As a major fishing tackle manufacturer, the company is aware of the impact of packaging and waste on the environment. When it comes to packaging, Zebco Europe has been focusing more and more on sustainable variants for two years. Plastic packaging is systematically being replaced by more environmentally friendly materials. With the Radical Boilies, starting with the Pineapple Zombie, a new era of environmentally friendly packaging is heralded, with significantly reduced plastic content. Thanks to this step we use 20% less of plastic in our new bags.