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Hendry Vis is the winner of WCC 2020!

Tostedt. End of September, the 4th World Crank Cup (WCC) in the Netherlands took place over three days of fishing. And Quantum put the two Dutch Pro’s Hendry Vis (35) and Gerald Vierhout (27) in the race. Their first official competition as a sponsored Quantum anglersstarted, three days casting with crankbaits!

For both the World Crank Cup (WCC) already started in fact weeks before. Both love to fish with crankbaits and during the summer they spent many days on the competition rivers, the Ouden Maas and Merwede. So they did some training to find the best spots and time frames for each of the different species that were needed to catch during the competition (pike, zander, perch and asp).

The first day started for Hendry (the new WCC Champion) with a really nice Seabass but that didn't count. After a few hours he caught the perch, zanders and an asp. In the afternoon he got his pike, which meant a full card and bonus point. Second place overall after the first day was a good start. The second day was even better with a full card after just 2,5 hours of fishing, so he kept his second place overall. It was important to be at the right place at the right moment in the tide and using the right crank (wobbler), as fish got more active on certain spots were the current push the baitfish into danger. One hour too early could mean no bite and time management was a real challenge.

The last day of the WCC as Hendry explains: ‘In a field with very skilled anglers the differences are small and that created a thrilling last day.  It started really well with two zanders in the first hour of fishing on a Mann’s Loudmouth II. Then I switched to perch and asp but they were not that active like the days before. I caught my asp on an Mann’s 8- minus. Around 12:00 I still needed a pike. I made a move to a spot 25 km further on the river and within 10 minutes I caught a massive 48 cm perch again on the Loudmouth II. One cast later I upgraded a zander but still needed a pike to make a chance to win. I followed the leader board as time ran away and the tension increased. Then finally I got a pike of 64 cm but I assumed it was too small to win. With one hour to go I went to a spot where I lost a pike on the first day. When fishing shallow in the pouring rain I suddenly got a massive bite but it came off pretty quickly. But no time to complain because the fish was still there. A few casts later it came back and after a heavy fight I landed a 88 cm pike, the biggest of the day. This fish got me to finish the final day in first place and winning the WCC 2020 overall. Big congrats also to my Quantum mate Gerald Vierhout on 5th place after missing half a day of fishing.

I caught most of my zanders on a Quantum Smoke S3 spinning rod (5-35 gr CW) with a Smoke S3 model #30 spinning reel and 10/00 Smoke braid. For perch I mainly used the medium light US Vapor baitcaster with Smoke S3 reel and fluorocarbon and for pike the medium heavy US Vapor baitcaster with 17/00 Smoke braid. A lot of the fish I caught on the Mann’s Loudmouth II and the Mann’s Baby 8- minus in the color real shiner.’’