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10 years of the Bloody Chicken boilie – a success story!

Tostedt. In 2009, Zebco Europe launched the Bloody Chicken boilie onto the market under its then newly created “Radical” carp brand. Not only did the eye-catching packaging design grab the attention of customers but carp throughout Europe flocked to the boilie from the outset. Ten years on, the developer Benjamin Gründer, who remains closely associated with the company, is just one of those who looks back on the development of the cult bait with pride. When you consider how many bait developers and hundreds of varieties of boilie are vying for the favour of anglers, the fact that these boilies remain successful in the market is the ultimate proof of quality.

The Bloody Chicken boilie is made up of perfectly harmonized attractors and quickly releases these in the water. High-quality meat and blood meal are the basis of the boilie. These promote digestion and hence stimulate feeding, enabling carp to build fat reserves. In addition to round boilies, Bloody Chicken has also been available in pillow shapes in some years. From the beginning, the boilie has been supplied in resealable zip-lock bags. Matching pop-ups, neon powders, sprays and dips are also available. Pre-baiting is not absolutely necessary with these boilies. The Bloody Chicken works immediately in the water, quickly attracting the attention of carp. Anglers contending with large numbers of silver fish and small stockies in their swim can leave the boilies to dry out in the fresh air and harden before use.

Over the years, the Bloody Chicken boilie has made countless friends who have contributed significantly to writing the bait’s success story. Zebco Europe would like to thank them sincerely for their faith. Here’s to the next 10 years!

Information: In addition to the Bloody Chicken, there are currently nine other exciting boilie creations in the Radical range: