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Red Monster boilies are on fire!

Tostedt. Radical “Red Monster” boilies, which were launched on the market in autumn 2018, are secret weapons no more. The Radical team anglers enjoyed insane catches with the boilies during testing and even after their market launch – and word has spread like wildfire.
The Red Monster is made up of two different mixes. The red half of the boilie includes 20% “Robin Red”, a mixture of spices from English manufacturer Haiths that has a magical effect on carp, diffusing aromas quickly into the water and remaining effective even in low water temperatures. Since the spices stimulate a carp’s digestion, this delays the feeling of saturation in the target fish, keeping their metabolism high and causing carp to consume more feed in the swim.
The green half is Radical’s nutrition bomb, which represents the “monster” part of the boilie. A high-quality fish mix, combined with protein compounds, provides the boilie with an overall protein content of more than 30%. As a final touch, grass seeds have been incorporated into the boilie for a special purpose. These give the Red Monster boilie the desired surface structure, optimizing the release of the aromas from the boilie.
The consistency has been perfected throughout. The surface of the boilie breaks down within the first hour. Deeper erosion occurs over the next 11 hours. For a long-term effect, these boilies can be drizzled with the matching Radical Dip. These dips are highly concentrated so a small quantity will suffice. The boilie will stay on a hair rig for a good 24 hours. However, if you dry the boilie out a little, it will even hold for up to three days.
“Red” and “Monster” are two completely different mixes being combined with each other for the first time in the Radical boilie range. A bait guaranteed to tempt countless specimen carp into landing nets in 2019!