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Fish & Chippy

It is the beginning of October. Fabian Frenzel, Oliver Krage, Frank Adam, Florian Hühnken and I are staying in Penzance, a town in the most westerly part of Cornwall, Southwest of England.  The bay to the entrance of the British Channel is a paradise for sea anglers: We were able to catch 20 species of fish in only four days. We will share our experiences in a series of three articles. Follow us into breathtaking moments, surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

Part 1: Shore Fishing

Today we are going shore fishing at the beach of Sennen, which was recommended by the fishing shop in Penzance. The weather conditions are not ideal. The outgoing tide and the calm weather do not exactly encourage the fish to bite. Nevertheless, we are so excited about fishing here as we will not be able to return. We have other fishing dates for the next few days.
Frank and Florian are using the Pulley Rigs from the Zebco program with the same surf rods they use for shore fishing in the Baltic Sea. Instead, Fabian and I are using a shorter and finer model: The 3,60m long Stormbringer Pier'n Flat. Even though it was originally developed for pier fishing, it also looks really sexy on the beach. The rod is strong enough to manage the calm shore conditions. In addition to this a sensitive integrated glass fiber tip shows the bite immediately. Only 20 minutes have passed and the first flounder is already attacking Fabian's hook. Moments later, I am thrilled to bits to find something tugging at my rig. Now we are on a roll… But two hours have passed without a bite. We decide to call it a day and pack-up. Fabian suddenly notices the tip of his rod moving! Another Flounder! Fabian would have loved to stay, but we have another adventure waiting for us the next day…