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Illner tempts giant common carp in testing with Rastafari Boilies

Tostedt.  Radical team angler Robin Illner was tasked with testing the new Radical Rastafari Boilies at the start of the year. With its yellow colour, the boilie offers a strong visual attraction and is quickly discovered by fish. Illner devised the boilie with us back in 2016, with a mix including real hemp and Scopex aroma in the form of butyric acid. Other ingredients include high-quality proteins in the form of egg albumen, which is easily digested by fish. Illner has had the opportunity to test and improve the bait on many waters in Germany as well as in Austria, Slovenia and France. The result is a high-grade, fast-acting and attractive carp bait. During testing, he not only caught in high volume, often landing more than 20 carp per day, but also in large sizes of up to 24 kg. In one of the final test sessions prior to market launch, Illner fished a water with a low carp stock and landed a common carp measuring an incredible 110 cm in length and weighing in at 28 kg, beating his personal best. We are convinced that the new Rastafari is one of the best Radical boilies we have brought to the market.
Illner explains: “It is amazing how effective this boilie is. Carp are quickly aware of the bait and feed on it ravenously. I combined a 20 mm Rastafari with a yellow 16 mm pop-up boilie. Rarely have I fished with such a good bait. The fact that I caught my personal best with it proves the high quality and the continuity with which our boilies are consistently evolving and improving. Butyric acid and hemp mean guaranteed catches. I am ecstatic with this catch!”
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