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Monster catfish tamed from a kayak

Tostedt. Kayak fishing is a particularly natural form of angling - silent and at one with the surface of the water. It is scarcely possible to get closer to the fish. Picture yourself, then, fighting a giant catfish from a kayak and you might imagine what an unsteady experience this can be.
At the beginning of March, Quantum team angler Daniel Katzoreck arranged with his friend Uwe Roth to target catfish on a backwater. With the Rhine at high tide, the pair sought out a tributary with a steady current. The objective was to target the catfish in open water. This means impatiently watching the fish finder and, as soon as a promising signal appears, lowering the bait to the depth of the indication. At 22:00, a small echo appeared on Daniel’s monitor. However, as he was lowering a bunch of worms to the depth of seven metres, the signal increased to a remarkable size. Could it be a coveted spring monster?
He twitched the bunch of worms with subtle rod movements. Two or three seconds later came a violent jerk of the short rod. The kayak immediately began to turn and the fight was in motion. After a nerve-racking battle lasting around 15 minutes, a 2.29-metre catfish appeared at the surface. Obviously, such a large fish could not be hauled into the kayak so the giant was taken ashore alongside the boat using the catfish grip.
Catfish angling from a kayak is undoubtedly a unique experience and potentially addictive! To ensure the angler’s safety, we recommend using a tip-resistant angling kayak. Daniel and Uwe use a Native Watercraft Slayer kayak for this form of angling. As well as a suitable boat, catfish fishing from a kayak also requires suitable angling equipment. This means short rods and multiplier reels for rapid lowering and retrieval of the bait. Daniel’s catfish fell to a two-metre Black Cat V-Twist rod and Black Cat BC² LH reel.