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Massive monster pike on a Pelagic Shad to end the year

Tostedt. Shortly before the end of the year, an incredible catch caused a sensation in the international angling scene. Quantum test angler Bari Latifi took his new belly boat to a small German club lake to fish for pike using his trusty Quantum Pelagic Shad lure in "Game Over" pattern. Since the wind was blowing unexpectedly strongly, the seasoned predator angler spontaneously decided to switch his belly boat for a secure boat. When he returned to the water a few hours later, he realized that the additional effort to change vessels was worthwhile. A vicious bite vibrated through his jerkbait rod, leaving the experienced angler shaking. It was quickly apparent that this could not be any ordinary fish. After fighting for around 20 minutes, the fish admitted defeat and a genuine monster pike rose to the surface. With his legs trembling, Bari finally managed to heave the 129 cm giant into the boat. Quantum team angler Fredrik Harbort, the inventor of the Pelagic Shad and the 35 g PelaJig jig head was lost for words. "I knew that this special lure would be responsible for a record catch sooner or later." I have seen pike up to more than 130 cm live myself but, in terms of mass, the monster caught by Bari is beyond compare with any fish I have ever seen. It must be one of the heaviest pike ever caught in Germany, without doubt." Based upon the length and massive circumference, specialists estimate the weight of Bari's pike at 22-25 kg (48-55lb). The entire Quantum team congratulates Bari on his sensational catch.