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Monster perch in Holland

Tostedt. Quantum field tester Dirk Fastenau began 2016 with a bang, landing a quite incredible monster perch. When he set out on a tour to Holland (near Rotterdam) along with Steffen Schulz, his Quantum team colleague Fredrik Harbort and Zebco Europe Product Manager Adrian Prus, the objective was clearly defined. The four anglers wanted to test themselves at specimen perch fishing and the conditions played into their hands. Dirk hooked a fish on his first cast from his first peg early in the morning. The anglers were optimistic that a huge perch would follow. And they did not have to wait long before a 50 cm specimen was landed. After this dream start, the anglers caught a few more very good fish but then hit a barren spell. Fastenau later switched back to the winning lure of the morning, a 12 cm Quantum Battle Shad in "Salt&Pepper" pattern. It proved a good decision as, just a short while later, his Quantum Smoke spinning rod was bent into a semicircle. What came to the surface following a brief battle was the largest perch the four anglers had ever seen. The four colleagues quickly decided to weigh the stunning specimen. When the scales halted at 6 pounds and 10 oz (3.0 kg), they all realised they were looking at a sensational catch. Perch above 2 kg are considered monster specimens. The 3 kg mark has only been broken by a select few anglers to date.